Unstable Rocks / Pedras Instáveis

work in progress

16 mm / 16 mm

In Portugal, especially after the revolution of 1974, people slowly abandoned old practices associated with the agricultural way of life.

Unstable Rocks shows the ruins of the past and the ideas of the present.

Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design, Production: Ewelina Rosinska

In collaboration with Nuno Barroso (Additional cinematography and location sound)


Ashes by name is man / Popiół imieniem jest człowieka


20 min

16 mm / DCP

I read in the writings of one painter that, for him, the Polish landscape seems to constantly draw our gaze to the ground, making us look not over the horizon but under our feet, at the bones buried beneath each step.
The film shifts between a portrait of my eighty year old grandparents and my view on the elements and imagery of the national-Catholic narrative in the Polish landscape.The title “Ashes by name is man” is borrowed from a church notice board in Nowa Grobla, in Roztocze. At the centre of my explorations is the rage of hills Roztocze, while Krakow and Lviv form the boundaries of the area in which I was shooting.

Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design: Ewelina Rosinska

Color correction: Nadia Khairat Gomez

Sound Mix: Jan Pasemann

Production: Ewelina Rosinska, Roxana Richters

Premiere: IFFR 2023, International Film Festival Rotterdam


BEST EXiS AWARD (Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul, South Korea)

Nomination for the GERMAN SHORT FILM AWARD 2023

Other festivals (selection):

First Look 2023, Museum of the Moving Image in New York

Istanbul Film Festival

FICUNAM International Cinema Festival in Mexico-City

Marienbad Film Festival


Earth in the Mouth / Z ziemią w buzi


20 min

16 mm / DCP

Like a photo book the film creates new images and relationships between the shots, it resembles a journey of impressions where the outlines of the world undulate. Between faith, anarchism and tourism, in Poland or Germany, between simple gestures and everyday life in Portugal, Brazil and Greece. Portrait of life between different countries, among friends and family.

Directing, Cinematogrpahy, Editing, Sound Design, Production: Ewelina Rosinska

Color correction: Faraz Fesharaki

Sound Mix: Jan Pasemann

Premiere: Marienbad Film Festival

Other festivals (selection):

Punto de Vista Film Festival in Pamplona
Syros International Film Festival
Her Docs Film Festival in Warsaw
Courtisane Film Festival in Ghent
Musée de la Photographie Charleroi, Belgium, Solo Exhibition at Boîte Noire
First Look and Persistent Visions Program at Museum of the Moving Image in New York


The Mystery of the Hobo Message

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 4.06.49 PM
Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 4.05.42 PM

8 min 19 sec

16 mm / ProRes

Amelie and Veit lead a double life as night birds.

Director: Ewelina Rosinska
DoP: Francisco MeCe
Light: Sara Yona Zweig
Sound: Gerald Sommerauer and Juan Rmzv
Set Decoration: Leonie Minor
Cast: Amelie Göppel, Veit Rausch, Andrea Näther and Otto Kohlrausch